The healing magic of a hug

Most of us spend a lot of time interacting with each other through language. We talk to each other, read and write, watch television, check social media, or listen to the radio. Especially for people with office jobs or professions like law, finance or tech, everything is all about the intellect. This has a profound impact on how we see the world--since we're looking at everything through the lens of words and ideas.

But sometimes, it can be really healing to cut through all that, and just connect in a simpler, more intimate way: through touch!

I like to joke that everyone needs at least nine hugs every day. That's on a regular day, of course. If you're having a hard day, double that number. Because really, what’s more comforting and grounding and reassuring than a good hug?

Giving and receiving a hug from a friend or loved one is a great way to get out of your head and into your body for a few moments. It's a breath of freedom and fresh air. After all, nobody worries about looking cool or proper when they’re hugging; they're just enjoying the human connection. 

Touch can also be really healing for people experiencing pain or injury in their bodies. Oftentimes, something as simple as just laying a hand on a loved ones aching back or sore shoulder can make a difference. Gentle massage can of course be helpful as well.

People who are in the hospital similarly benefit from human touch. It's a way of creating personal connection in a place that otherwise can feel very impersonal.

A good hug can also help you to de-stress. Human beings (even introverts) are intensely social creatures. We all relax when we feel like we're not alone, and even the most daunting situations start to feel more manageable.

Make a point of hugging your loved ones and your friends. It'll make you both feel better!