The benefits of massage

Looking for a way to take the benefits of chiropractic to the next level? Try adding massage! By getting regular massages as well as regular chiropractic adjustments, you can keep your body loose, limber and in alignment. 

Massage can be a great way to care for and support your body. 

Chiropractic adjustments work with your bones and your joints, mostly in your spine. Massage is focused more on the muscles and the deep tissue that surround your bones. A good massage helps relax your muscles and your tissue, which can relieve pressure on your back. 

You can see how they complement one another. 

Like chiropractic, massage is great for general wellness and maintaining your health, but it can also be especially helpful for someone experiencing chronic pain, or recovering from injury. Deep tissue massage, in particular, can be very effective in treating specific pain. Deep tissue massage works with muscles below the surface level (hence the name) that can be locked in long held patterns of tension.

Over time this tension can cause significant structural problems in the body. It can lead to chronic pain, and indeed, get your body out of alignment! Breaking up the tension and helping your deep muscles relax can have a really powerful effect. 

Think about it: imagine you’re walking around with your muscles clenched all day. Those muscles are so deep within you that you don’t even really notice them, but the tension is always there in the background. Now imagine what it would be like to suddenly release all that tension. Pretty great, right?

For my patients in the Reston area, I recommend making a massage appointment with my friend Bethann Brennan. Bethann has over a decade of experience as a licensed massage therapist, and additional training in prenatal massage (good for mom and baby!). She's a wonderful practitioner, and co-operates Brennan Wellness with her husband Dr. Darren Brennan.

Massage also simply helps relieve life’s tensions, and is something pleasant we can do for ourselves to improve our wellness and quality of life!