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Chiropractic care ideally supports health for moms and babies, both pre-pregnancy and before, during and after birth.


A chiropractic assessment before pregnancy can detect and adjust imbalances in the pelvis or elsewhere, preventing a number of potential discomforts in pregnancy before they occur.


Baby’s first misalignments may come from cramped positions in the womb. Immediately following adjustments, pregnant patients comment on feeling more comfortable and relaxed, and on how much baby is moving around, as if happy to have more room to grow! With regular adjustments, baby has better nerve and blood supply in the womb because mom has those things.

Adjusting mom throughout pregnancy can assist in keeping her healthy and comfortable.  As mom’s weight shifts forward with the weight of the baby, stress increases on her joints. As the baby grows to term weight, the forward shift can cause her back to curve and place additional stress on the spinal discs. Late in pregnancy the baby’s head may press down on mom’s back, legs, and buttocks, irritating the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractic care can control symptoms of nausea, relieve back, neck and joint pain, and potentially prevent a cesarean delivery, as well as provide relief from muscle tension, headaches and shoulder problems in pregnant women.

We offer Webster Technique, a special chiropractic approach developed by Dr. Larry Webster, Founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, that assists the baby in assuming the very best possible position for birth.


The better aligned mom is, the more likely she’s going to have an easy birth. Establishing pelvic balance has been shown to allow for the best positioning of the fetus, therefore easing the delivery process.

The baby may experience subluxuations of the spine due to the birth process, whether vaginal or by c-section. Some signs to watch for:

  • Does baby strongly prefer one breast over the other? If you lay a baby down on her back, does she tend to cry? Either could suggest a misalignment in the neck.
  • “Colicky” behavior? What a miserable experience for baby and family! This often indicates a misalignment in the thoracic spine.
  • Is baby constipated? This may indicate a misalignment in the sacrum and lumbar spine. Chiropractic can help!


Mom’s body has made a huge shift! The ligament laxity present during pregnancy remains following birth and into post-partum. With increased lifting of new baby, mom is more susceptible to injury. Chiropractic adjustments following birth support proper alignment as mom’s hormones become balanced.

Crawling baby & toddler

If baby is not cross-crawling using hands and both knees, which is ideal for full brain development, there’s a chance there’s misalignment in the spine. And the average 2 year old falls 38 times a day! Regular baby and toddler care keeps misalignments at bay, while promoting a strong immune system and general health.

Children & teens

As your child moves into school years, consider regular chiropractic care to assist in healing sports injuries. Adjustments also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, increasing both focus and a feeling of calm — both of which promote lower stress and improve studies.

The simple reality — we’re designed to be properly aligned. When we’re not aligned, our body doesn't function at its full potential. By correcting alignment, Chiropractic care helps remove stumbling blocks to health, allowing us to be who we’re designed to be.

We offer attractively-priced Whole Family Chiropractic plans at Windsor Wellness, to make keeping your family’s health a priority attainable for you!