Staying fresh — safely!

Most of us like to wear deodorant. But we don’t always think about what’s in it. What exactly are we rubbing on our skin?

Turns out, the answer isn’t always so good. Most antiperspirants, which inhibit sweating, contain aluminum, a metal not normally found in the human body. Aluminum is used to clog your pores and keep you from sweating.

Aluminum hurts more than it helps. Our bodies release toxins through the sweat glands. This is why sitting in a sauna can be such a healing experience—it’s a way to clear away and release the stuff we don’t want inside us any more. 

However, when we keep ourselves from sweating, we’re essentially trapping toxins inside of us. Think about a clogged drain: the water backs up and fills the sink. The same thing is happening to our bodies. 

But we’re not just blocking sweat; we’re also absorbing the aluminum through our skin. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer, and on a chemical level, it mimics the hormone estrogen. Numerous chemicals that mimic estrogen have been found to be carcinogenic. And although opinions differ among scientists, a link has also been suggested between aluminum and neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, autism and Parkinson’s disease. We don’t want aluminum inside us.

A healthy option

Fortunately, there are a number of aluminum-free deodorants available. My current favorite is PiperWei (pronounced Pi-per-WHY), a charcoal creme deodorant. I discovered this product while watching Shark Tank, a television show that gives entrepreneurs a chance to present their ideas. I was impressed with the founders description of their product, which uses safe and effective activated charcoal to control odors and absorb moisture, while allowing our sweat glands to function as they are supposed to. 

I ordered it, and have been really pleased with how remarkably well it works! And I feel safe putting it on my body. It has a light minty, citrusy scent, appropriate for both women and men. 

I suggest you give it a try, to stay fresh the natural way!

Ps—I don’t have a financial relationship with PiperWei, though I wish I did :)