Make friends with magnesium

Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals to function. You’ve heard of essential B-vitamins or calcium or iodine, for example. Magnesium is equally critical.

Magnesium has a powerful effect on the human body. It helps our muscles function properly, aids in digestion and energy levels, and can create and sustain a feeling of calm and well-being. It even helps build our DNA and RNA. 

We used to get lots of magnesium just from our diets. A hundred years ago, before the spread of industrial farming, the soil was more rich in minerals. People who ate lots of greens, beans, and nuts got plenty of magnesium from food alone.

However, the farming practices of the past century have depleted minerals from the soil. There just isn’t as much magnesium in the ground as there used to be, which means there isn’t as much magnesium present in the foods that grow from that ground. As a result, most people today are magnesium deficient—meaning they don’t get enough magnesium to support their bodies. This can have a significant impact on our health: our bodies don’t work as well, and we experience higher levels of stress.

I recommend my patients try magnesium lotion as a way to increase their intake.

Magnesium supplements come in many forms. The best way to absorb magnesium into the body is transdermal, or through the skin. Sound funny? The skin is actually the largest organ of the body, and substances absorbed transdermally go straight into the bloodstream, rather than having to pass through the digestive system first. Simply put, applying magnesium to the skin means that more of it gets to where it needs to go. I suggest magnesium lotion, applied to arms and legs once or twice a day. 

Another approach I suggest is trying a bath with epsom salt or pure magnesium flakes. Epsom salt is a form of magnesium as well, and is available at any grocery store or pharmacy. You can fill a tub, or just bathe your feet and let it soak in. Including a few drops of lavender or other favorite essential oil is very pleasant and soothing.

You can also take magnesium in powder form. There’s a product called “Calm” that I like. I recommend taking ½ teaspoon in a small amount of water an hour before bedtime. Calm aids in sleep as well as supplying needed magnesium. 

Try using magnesium every day for a month. I think you’ll love it!