Essential oils: Focus on frankincense

Cherished since ancient times for it’s rejuvenating and healing properties, frankincense is a tree resin that is used today for its aromatic, preventative and curative qualities. 

The essential oil is commonly used for it’s health benefits, such as reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity, fighting cancer, and relieving stress and anxiety. It’s used to help any condition where excess fluid is present: perpetual colds, bronchitis, respiratory infections and asthma. Used with asthma, it also calms the panic which otherwise can exacerbate shallow breathing. It’s used as a uterine tonic, for those suffering from heavy periods and for moms during labor and after birth. 

I like that it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

I use it most often because it’s an antimicrobial, especially useful during periods of transition when our immune system is more vulnerable. The fragrance is earthy, just right for the cool months, when we need grounding. I put it on every patient who comes in who is ill or getting ill.

It’s one of the most expensive oils! But you won’t run out of it for a long time. Using it doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. But for the record -- I haven’t gotten sick in the last two winters when I’ve used frankincense!

How to apply frankincense

Don’t use it every day, but as you feel the need. Dab the oil on your wrists, bottoms of your feet and under each nostril, if you are using it preventatively for a cold or respiratory complaint.  

Take care of your immune system, and it will take care of you!