Choosing the right baby carrier

The choice of a baby carrier can be very important for both mom and baby -- do you know what to look for?

On a recent stroll through Reston Town Center I stopped into Dawn Price Baby to learn more about the two brands of high-quality baby carriers that I recommend, Ergobaby and the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier.

Why are baby carriers so important?

When I see moms transporting their newborn baby into my office in the baby car seat, I suggest they use a carrier instead, to connect with their infant. Babies have been in the womb for 9 months, and they love to be swaddled. A baby carrier can support that emotional and physical connection, stimulate breast milk, and facilitate daily activities, ease of motion, and proper structural alignment for both mom and baby. 

A quick look at structure

It goes back to when mom is pregnant and her biggest concern is most often low back discomfort. A lot of shift occurs in mom’s pelvis and lumbar spine as the baby grows, and mom carries more weight in the front. After the birth, holding a newborn or young baby can be exhausting! Mom still has ligament laxity, is more prone to injury, and is lacking sleep. Most new moms comment on upper back and neck discomfort. 

When used properly, the carrier can almost mimic baby in the womb. Mom’s arms are free, and she’s not stressing her cervical and thoracic region to hold her infant. Baby becomes part of mom’s core. Baby hears and feels mom’s heartbeat, and mom produces more milk the closer the baby is. 

I lean toward the Moby Wrap, perhaps because I can’t resist a bargain! But I actually think it’s quite fashionable, comes in many colors, and is compact and light enough to be tossed in a handbag or tote. You can easily nurse while in your Moby, baby can grow into it, and it’s super easy to use. As I discovered, it takes 2 minutes to learn the wrapping technique. 

Mom and baby get close time. And Dad can get close time too -- giving mom a break :)

For the record - I have no financial relationship with Dawn Price Baby. I just like them!