Why adjust babies?

We know that the better aligned mom is, the more likely she and her baby are to have an easy birth. 

But once born, what benefits might there be to adjusting baby?

Let’s go back to the birth, and even before that, to the womb. 

Baby’s position in the womb may not have been ideal. They’re pretty crammed in there, sometimes! One mom asked me recently, Why does my newborn favor turning to one side? That pattern may have been established in the womb.

During the birth process, whether vaginal or by c-section, the baby may experience subluxations (misalignments) of the spine.  Some signs to watch for:

    •    Does baby strongly prefer one breast over the other? If you lay a baby down on her back, does she tend to cry? Either could suggest a misalignment in the neck.
    •    “Colicky” behavior? What a miserable experience for baby and family! This often indicates a misalignment in the thoracic spine.
    •    Is baby constipated? This may indicate a misalignment in the sacrum and lumbar spine.

Chiropractic can help!

We understand babies need to be fed and burped… but we don’t necessarily think about helping tend their nervous systems. Birth can be traumatic. Babies are delicate, and can experience a lot of pressure during the birth process, whether vaginal or by c-section. It can be a great start on health to gently adjust their spines from the very beginning. 

A baby is adjusted very differently from an adult. I use very light pressure, just with my fingertips. Many infants sleep right through it! 

Some great results: A better relationship with breastfeeding. One mom found that her baby who had been struggling latched on perfectly after one adjustment! Babies also develop a stronger immune system, and a better sleep pattern. This can be true for children, too. A 3-year old patient went home after an adjustment and slept for hours. The adjustment supported healing through deep sleep. 

This is what I love about chiropractic: it’s natural health and wellness care for all ages.