Visit your public library!

As a doctor, I think that most of us spend too much time on our phones, our computers and in front of the television. As a person, I understand, of course—I do plenty of that myself! But I also like to think about ways to mix it up and have fun that don’t involve staring at a screen. 

Going to the library is always a great option. I love the one in Reston. I like to think of it as a palace of books, each one its own journey. 

There’s something special about reading. Even though it’s so easy to look everything up online, or read on Kindle, it always feel more substantial coming from an actual book. I get less distracted reading that way, because I can’t just jump down the Google rabbit hole, or click through a bunch of different Wikipedia pages. With a book, I have to be present with what’s in front of me. 

I like to browse the shelves for a while when I go. That’s part of the fun of libraries (or of real, brick and mortar bookstores) that gets lost when we do all our shopping online. You never know what you might find. I always end up picking out a couple of books I’d never heard of before.

I’m a bit of a homebody, so I usually head home after I’ve checked out my books, but most libraries have plenty worth sticking around for. The Reston library has a series of regular events, ranging from story hour for kids and toddlers, discussion groups for adults, and classes. They’re a great way to get more connected to the community, and of course, they’re free!

Check out your local library this weekend. Happy reading :)