The benefits of lymphatic massage

I’ve recently started receiving lymphatic massage (formally lymphatic drainage therapy) from a colleague of mine. It’s a wonderful health technique, and one I recommend that my patients check out for themselves.

The lymphatic system is part of the body’s plumbing network. Operating in a manner similar to the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system carries waste out of our tissues, helping to cleanse and detoxify our cells. It’s an important part of what keeps us healthy.

A good lymphatic massage can help keep your lymphatic system running in tip-top condition. A practitioner trained in the technique uses gentle massage pressure to stimulate the optimal flow of lymph, the fluid that runs through the lymphatic system. This keeps the pipes clear and toxins from building up in your tissue (which could lead to chronic health problems).

Lymphatic massage is especially useful for people recovering from surgery, as it can help calm down the body and speed healing. One of the things lymphatic massage does (like chiropractic!) is to soothe the body’s stress response, which can really help relieve postoperative symptoms. Lymphatic massage often reduces swelling, pain and tension, which can make quite a difference in your recovery time and quality of life.

It can also be a useful secondary support for people undergoing cancer treatment, as chemotherapy puts a great deal of strain on the body and exposes our tissues to high levels of toxins. Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, often find a significant reduction in breast pain and swelling as a result of lymphatic massage. Similarly, new mothers often experience breast pain as well, and typically see good results with lymphatic massage.

Other conditions that can be helped include lyme disease, headaches, arthritis, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, pain, inflammation, tension, trouble sleeping, depression and anxiety. That’s quite a list! 

For those of you in the northern Virginia area, I highly recommend booking an appointment with my colleague Netta Riley. She’s wonderful, talented and has almost 30 years experience in the field. You’re in good hands with Netta.

If you want to help detoxify your body and reduce your stress, give lymphatic massage a try!