How soon can I bring my baby in for chiropractic?

It’s never too early for a chiropractic adjustment.

Several of my patients with newborns have recently asked me: how soon can I bring my baby in for a chiropractic adjustment? The answer is: as soon as you want. I’ve worked with babies who are only a few weeks old. In fact, my youngest patient was just a day and a half!

When I tell my patients this, they often ask why a newborn would benefit from chiropractic. I ask them to imagine the physically demanding birthing process newborns have just been through. That puts a great deal of stress on the child as well as the mother, and a chiropractic adjustment shortly thereafter can immediately correct any issues caused by the birth. This leaves the baby in a great position going forward, because they’re not starting out with any physical misalignments. 

I worked with one baby whose body curled up to form a C shape every time his mother laid him down. When I examined him, it turned out the muscles on one side of his body were over-contracted, maybe as a result of something that happened in the womb, or because of the birthing process. I adjusted him a few times, and helped calm his body to the point where he could lie down normally. He hasn’t had the issue since.

When babies turn into toddlers  and start walking, they start falling as well. 

This is totally normal—most children fall over 2,000 times by the time they reach age 2! But regular falling means it’s easy for parts of the body to become misaligned: the spine might get tweaked a little, or the neck, for example. Regular chiropractic adjustments for toddlers correct for any structural problems that result from learning how to walk, and help ensure their continued good health as they grow up.

Babies and young children also commonly suffer from ear infections. While this can often be the result of their diet (or the mother’s diet if the child is still breastfeeding), chiropractic can help prevent ear infections as well. It’s important to make sure that a child’s neck is well aligned, as this helps keep the eustachian tube open, preventing the ear from getting backed up and clogged, which can lead to infection.

Chiropractic is a great tool for keeping your body in good condition. It’s no different for babies!