Getting into your flow

How many of us loved being creative when we were kids? Most of us instinctively knew how to jump in with our imaginations, making up stories and games and art. It wasn’t something we thought about at all, it just flowed naturally from within us.

How many of us feel like we’ve lost that along the way?

One of the downsides of going through school (and I’ve gone through decades of it) is that it is so focused on training the logical, rational aspects of our brains that we lose touch with our innate creativity. We hone certain parts of ourselves and neglect others. As a result, we often start to see the world strictly through the lens of reason. But when we lose touch with our creativity, we’re not seeing the whole picture.

Tapping back into our creative energy can help rejuvenate us, and make life feel fresh and new.

Think about what it was like to go to a concert you loved. The musicians up on stage were locked in, giving their all to the performance. They weren’t thinking about it, they were just doing it. The music came straight from within, undiluted. It was fun!

That’s called being in the flow. When you really tap into creativity, it’s organic and natural and full of joy. It isn’t something you need to plan out in advance or worry over. It just happens, flowing out of you.

Most of us aren’t professional musicians or artists. But we can all find ways to bring more creativity to our lives. We can let ourselves get into the flow.

Creativity can take so many different forms. Some people find it in writing or journaling or poetry. Others love to express themselves through painting or photography, knitting, quilting or woodworking. Some people find math or science to be a creative outlet. Even singing in the shower, or just putting on a favorite album and letting it wash over you can take you to a new place. There isn’t one right way to be creative. In fact, there’s no right way to be creative. It’s play, not work.

This can be intimidating for those of us who are used to doing things a certain, predictable way. But it’s worth breaking out of our comfort zone a little. We don’t have to be scared. Nobody is judging us. We don’t even have to share our creativity with anyone until we’re ready. 

Bringing creative flow into our lives can also be a powerful way of letting go of stress. It’s a chance for our brains to get out of old patterns. Think about it. Let’s say you’ve had a hard day at the office. If you go home and do a little painting, for example, you’re literally telling your brain “okay, we’re doing something else now.” You’re shifting gears, and giving yourself permission to move on from whatever stress you were experiencing before. It really works, and works quickly.

Explore ways of tapping into your flow. It’ll help you feel more alive and more relaxed, and it’s a lot of fun!