Get moving!

Looking for a way to get your exercise in during cold winter days?

I’m a big fan of rebounding. 

It’s so simple, inexpensive and effective! I’ve introduced it to many patients, because it works so well. 

There are two primary exercise methods on a rebounder:

Rebounding, in which you simply lift and drop your heels, at your own pace, to your own rhythm -- up to 3 minutes, 3 times a day. This helps collect and push out waste via the lymph system, through our primary organs of detoxification, the lungs, liver and skin. 
Running in place, lifting your knees up high. Build up to 20 minutes per day, to increase your heart rate and build endurance. 

You don’t need special shoes or clothing -- just the rebounder itself. You can spend $700 on a rebounder, but this mini-trampoline works wonderfully, because it’s affordable; folds up for travel; and with elastic bands, is quieter and safer than those with metal springs. I’ve had mine for 13 years!

I typically rebound in the morning in my pj’s to get my body moving, listening to some favorite music. Occasionally I forget until I’m on my way out the door to the office. No problem! I just slip off my shoes and rebound for 3 minutes before heading out, happy that I’m staying on track with my wellness care.

It feels amazing!

In addition to pumping the lymph system, health benefits include building bone density; calming your mind; building muscle tone; redistributing weight; helping with digestion; tightening your skin/reducing wrinkles, and helping you look younger. Learn more from the informative book, Looking Good, Feeling Great. 

Life is better with rebounding :)