Coping with histamines

Many of my patients have been really struggling with allergies this spring! Allergy season peaks in mid-May, so it’s especially tough right now. 

Our bodies produce chemicals called histamines when we come into contact with allergens. They’re a natural part of our bodies’ immune response, but can also cause trouble when overproduced. Histamines are naturally inflammatory, and lead to many of the unpleasant allergy symptoms that we experience, including itchy eyes or a runny nose. Our histamine production can be further exacerbated by certain foods, including some meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and processed foods (click here for a longer list).

In other words, if we eat histamine producing foods during allergy season, our allergy symptoms may well get worse.

I’ve recently started carrying a supplement called Umbrellux DAO that I highly recommend to anyone struggling with allergies and the side effects of an overabundance of histamines. DAO is an enzyme that is naturally produced by the body to break down histamines, which helps keep histamine levels healthy. Unfortunately, especially during allergy season, many of us do not naturally produce enough DAO on our own. This means the histamines aren’t getting broken down quickly enough!

I suggest taking Umbrellux DAO 15 minutes before eating, especially if you’re eating histamine producing foods. You can also just take it in the morning to prepare your body for the day. I’ve been really impressed at how quickly my patients have experienced real relief after starting DAO supplementation. 

It’s a natural supplement—not a medication—that just helps you get more of the DAO enzyme your body makes anyway. I carry it in my office, so come on in and pick some up today!