Bundle up! My top 8 tips for Winter health

The wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine says: bundle up in winter!

Learning to protect and nourish our bodies with the change of the seasons is a great way to stay healthy. Winter is the time of year to slow down, rest, reflect, restore our energy, and prepare for the vibrant growth of spring.

My top 8 self-care tips for your winter checklist:

  1. Keep your neck covered and warm with a scarf, especially on windy days.

  2. Eat warm, comforting foods and spices, such as ginger and cinnamon.

  3. Drink plenty of warm water. It’s delicious plain, or with ginger or lemon.

  4. Get lots of sleep; in fact, rest as much as your body asks for.

  5. Leave time for relaxation, reflection and stress-reduction daily.

  6. Laugh with your family and friends!

  7. Practice easy stretching exercises.

  8. Soak up the sunshine on fine winter days, to improve your mood and recharge your batteries.  

Curious why it’s important to protect your neck from the wind?

According to The Emperor’s Inner Canon, the fundamental source used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, man is a microcosm that mirrors the elemental forces of nature. Understanding those forces allows us to keep our health in balance through the seasons of the year.  

One of the elemental forces is wind. Wind enters the body mainly through the base of the neck; so to help prevent seasonal colds and flu, it’s smart to keep the neck covered with a warm scarf.

Using a little common sense for self-care can help keep you well in winter!