4 steps for conquering colds

The winter cold means cold season. You spend some time outdoors (a good thing!) and all of a sudden your nose is running. Or you don’t get enough sleep one night and you’re beset with sniffles. 

Fortunately, there are several simple, natural steps you can take to prevent, ward off, or treat colds. I use these approaches myself!

    1.    Staying warm. This one seems like a no-brainer—everyone knows to wear a warm jacket when it’s cold out. But people often forget to wrap up their necks with a scarf or wear gloves on their hands. This can make a surprisingly big difference. Indeed, traditional Chinese medicine teaches that keeping the neck protected from cold wind is the key to preventing colds.
    2.    Traditional Medicinals teas. For those of you who are regular tea drinkers, or just enjoy a hot beverage on a cold winter’s day, I recommend Gypsy Cold Care or Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals. A cup or two of Gypsy Cold Care can prevent a few sneezes from turning into a full-blown cold, while Throat Coat can soothe a throat ravaged by coughs. Be sure to follow package directions and steep, covered, for best results. Both taste wonderful as well! Traditional Medicinals teas are available at Whole Foods and other grocers.
    3.    Phytobiotics. A blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs from Wise Woman Herbals, I’ve used this remedy successfully for years, and carry it at my office. I suggest taking a capsule immediately after experiencing an onset of cold symptoms to help ward them off completely. Phytobiotics can also be effective at providing relief if a cold has already set in. Please note that Phytobiotics should not be used by pregnant women.
    4.    Chiropractic. Especially during the winter, I often see patients who have a cold when they come in for a regular adjustment. They are frequently shocked by how much better their body feels afterwards! Chiropractic gets the whole body working better, opening the lungs to clear and improve breathing, boosting the immune system and helping to drain the sinuses.This is particularly useful if you already have a full blown cold.

Staying healthy in the winter is just a matter of a little preparation and attention to detail. 

Check in with yourself during the day. If you notice the signs of a cold coming on, don’t worry—act! These steps will soon have you feeling better.