Patient success story: relief during pregnancy!

I recently worked with a patient named Melissa who was in her third trimester and experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable under the best of circumstances, and Melissa was feeling stressed and frustrated about it. She wanted help!
Chiropractic is a great tool for supporting moms during pregnancy, so I was excited to work with her. Typically, a pregnancy puts a great deal of physical strain on the body, particularly the spine around the low back area. The body’s center of gravity shifts as a result of the growing baby, which throws everything out of alignment. There’s also the emotional stress of pregnancy, which as any mom-to-be can tell you, is not inconsiderable.
Melissa and I were able to work on both. She started coming in for regular appointments, and I began adjusting her spine to get it back into alignment. This takes a lot of the pressure off the low back, preventing temporary strain from doing longer term damage, and made her day-to-day living more comfortable.
The regular chiropractic work also helped to reduce the emotional stress she was feeling. Chiropractic adjustments help to turn down the body’s stress response and bring us back to a more grounded state. Melissa reported a greater sense of well-being and ease; she noted that even in the last weeks of her pregnancy, she was active, feeling great and getting things done. “I came in with a lot of pregnancy-related pain,” she told me. “And now I have relief.”
If you’re an expectant mother and are struggling with the physical and emotional difficulties of pregnancy, you probably want relief too! Try a chiropractic appointment!
Bonus: chiropractic helps the baby too. Adjustments improve blood and nerve supply to the womb, make more room in the pelvic bowl for the baby to grow and move him or her into best position for easy birth.