Pain free!

Most people don’t walk into a chiropractic office until they are in pain.

So often, we don’t think much about our health until something goes wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in other things, or to put caring for ourselves on the back burner. Only when we get sick or start to experience serious pain do we seek help.

There are two types of pain—acute and chronic. Acute pain is the normal pain response after an injury that resolves within an expected period of time, and is a normal part of life. The second type, long-term, unresolved, chronic pain, is an unfortunate factor in many people’s lives -- but may not have to be.

So many people live with chronic pain. It may be the result of a single, unpredictable event like a car accident. Or, it can also be the result of lots of little stresses that build up over time. Picture a leaky faucet dripping drops of water into a bucket—each drop is tiny, but slowly, the drops fill the bucket.

Chronic pain can take such a toll on our lives. The most obvious is the pain itself: it really hurts! But chronic pain also has other effects. It tends to create a great deal of stress, both in our bodies and in our relationships, and can also lead to depression. Of course, the stress and depression themselves then tend to cause more pain. It’s cyclical.

Chiropractic is a powerful way to help break the pain cycle. 

Whatever the cause of your chronic pain, chiropractic can help. It’s what we do! I see this all the time in patients: someone comes in suffering, only to light up again with excitement for life as we begin to clear their pain. Just recently, I started working with an 11 year old patient who was in constant pain from an injury. After our first session, she was pain free for most of the next week. A second or possibly third adjustment should be enough to really free her from the pain. 

Chiropractic can also keep you from developing chronic pain in the first place! 

I’m a believer in preventative care! Beginning chiropractic work when you feel good and well helps maintain your body, and releases the stresses that can build up over time, before they fill your bucket. Rather than waiting until your body is crying out for help, you can take action to keep feeling good. 

Your body will thank you :)