Chiropractic during pregnancy

Some of my most gratifying moments in practice have been helping moms go through pregnancy. I’ve written posts about the benefits of chiropractic before — it’s what I do and I really believe in it! But I want to take a moment to share some of the specific ways chiropractic care can help moms (and babies) in all stages of pregnancy.

Regular chiropractic adjustments support mom’s body as it changes during pregnancy.

There’s a real benefit to starting early. In fact, getting your body into proper alignment before a pregnancy starts can help keep the journey smooth later on. If you’re trying to get pregnant, I recommend getting checked out by a chiropractor. It’s a chance to correct imbalances in the pelvis or other areas heavily affected by pregnancy, and to help prepare the body for the added stress to come.

The body goes through a lot during pregnancy. As the baby grows, mom’s weight shifts forward. This causes significant strain on the joints and spine. Later in the process, the baby’s head can press downward onto the base of mom’s spine, creating additional pressure.

Regular adjustments can significantly help alleviate these stressors. Not only can they provide relief for the joints and the spine, but adjustments can also help with muscle tension. Chiropractic helps to calm the entire system — even the nausea that expectant moms may be experiencing — creating a greater sense of relaxation and ease. 

When it’s time to give birth, women whose bodies are properly aligned often have an easier time of it. The more balanced mom’s body is, the smoother things are likely to go! I use a specific approach called the Webster technique that helps to ensure that mom's pelvis is properly aligned. This creates more room in the pelvic bowl, which can help the baby be better positioned for birth. After the birth, I work with mom to help her re-adjust her body back into its normal state, correcting any misalignments caused by the birthing process.

Prenatal chiropractic also benefits babies!

After I adjust a pregnant patient, she will often comment on how the baby seems to be moving around more inside her. Babies can work themselves into a cramped position in the womb. Adjusting mom actually helps give the baby more space. It also increases the blood flow to the uterus, which helps support the baby’s growth. 

When the baby is born, chiropractic can help ease his or her transition. Babies experience a great deal of pressure on their heads and necks during the birthing process. I like to make gentle adjustments to the upper neck to help relax the area and keep the spine from compressing. 

For mom and baby, chiropractic is a great way to start things out on the right foot. For me, as a doctor, it’s one of the highlights of my practice :)